Who makes S Cosméticos do Bem?

Learn a little more about the company’s history in the words of its founder.

S Cosméticos do Bem was born with the purpose of developing innovative dermophytocosmetics, truly sustainable, using clean technologies and with high utilization of plant raw materials.

+10 years of innovation, beauty, and health

S Cosméticos do Bem is a technology-based company with innovation at its core, conducting research in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields for the last 12 years. We develop unique, genuine, and innovative cosmetic products using scalable and sustainable technologies, focusing on the development of dermophytocosmetics based on social and environmental responsibility and a commitment to public health.

For twelve years, S Cosméticos do Bem has also been involved in selecting products from Brazilian companies with differentials in natural and organic ingredients and distributing them to stores, pharmacies, beauty clinics, and spas.

Research and development projects at S Cosméticos do Bem are carried out with the support of some of the largest funding institutions in Brazil, such as FAPESP, FINEP, SENAI INNOVATION INSTITUTE, UNICAMP, INOVA, and SEBRAE. We are a spin-off company of UNICAMP, graduated by the Technological Base Incubator – INCAMP/UNICAMP.

Meet Soraya

  • Soraya was a university and postgraduate professor for over 20 years
  • Taught classes for Health-related courses
  • She is a Pharmacist and holds a Ph.D. from Unicamp in Functional and Molecular Biology (2001)
  • Founded S Cosméticos do Bem in 2011
  • In 2020, launches the 1st sustainable dermophytocosmetic in the Brazilian market registered by ANVISA (regulatory agency)!

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From childhood dreams to the laboratories of top universities

“My dream began at a very young age, precisely at 5 years old. I had the desire to discover the power of medicinal plants for curing diseases and was already an entrepreneur at that time. And, being passionate about cosmetics, I dreamed of developing a “super formula” that would bring healing, health, and well-being to people. I experienced various professional experiences that guided me to make this dream come true: founding a company with the purpose of taking care of people through the development of sustainable cosmetics for a more beautiful and just world.”

– Soraya El Khatib

“There is no more enriching journey than entrepreneurship, as it is the most efficient way to do good and one of the most beautiful forms of creation. Achieving what seems impossible is possible when you love what you do and put good intentions into it.”


Join S Cosméticos do Bem on a journey of beauty, health, well-being, and sustainability.

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