Meet Artemisa annua

Artemisia annua is a plant with green leaves, a brownish stem, erect and veined, naturally growing from 30 to 100 cm in height. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, Artemisia annua is aromatic, perennial, and bushy.

Native to China, Artemisia annua thrives in regions where average temperatures are high, and precipitation levels are also high. To cultivate this plant in conditions different from the ideal ones, it is necessary to develop adaptation projects, and recently, Brazil has developed a technological package that includes climate adaptation research, production, and pharmacological activities of the plant.

Artemisia annua has volatile components, essential oils, and non-volatile components, the most relevant of which is Artemisinin. The use of Artemisia annua and its components is a significant contribution from traditional Chinese medicine to the world, particularly in the treatment of malaria. Artemisinin, the most potent and effective component, is used in the treatment of cerebral malaria and falciparum malaria, which is resistant to multiple drugs. Considered the plant’s main active component, Artemisinin won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015.


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