In addition to conducting quality control of plant extracts obtained through new sustainable and innovative technologies, S Cosméticos do Bem offers consultancy for research and development and solutions for analytical demands through partnerships with pharmaceutical and research laboratories.

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The innovative technology developed and patented by S Cosméticos do Bem is based on the supercritical extraction of enriched fractions of Artemisia annua. Natural extracts are obtained using sustainable techniques that make use of the entire plant-based, raw material: in partnership with Embrapii-Senai, the residual biomass from the extraction processes is used to manufacture other products, such as sustainable straws and biofilm, adding value to the production chain and generating a strong social impact. Another important factor contributing to the sustainability of the extraction process is the non-use of toxic organic solvents, a novelty in the Brazilian market.

Supercritical extraction allows for the maximum extraction of benefits from the entire plant – not just specific chemical components, as is the case with more traditional techniques. Supercritical extracts are between 100 and 250 times more concentrated, as well as purer than traditional herbal extracts used in the cosmetics and beauty industry today.

The differentiating factor of S Cosméticos do Bem technology lies in the sequential extraction, resulting from the unprecedented association of specific conditions and stages that lead to a previously undiscovered advantageous effect. The enriched fractions of active ingredients with different chemical compositions obtained from the supercritical extraction of Artemisia annua have applications primarily in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields for the development of new products with repellent, healing, and anti-malarial activities with lower toxicity.


The S Cosméticos do Bem laboratory, located in the city of Valinhos, has been conducting its analytical activities in partnership with Labmass Laboratory since October 2018. The facility, equipped with high-performance instruments, conducts quality control of plant extracts obtained through advanced technologies for the development of innovative products in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields. The Analytical department meets the demands for analysis in partnership with pharmaceutical and research laboratories and has a team of highly qualified researchers.

Explore the services provided, all in accordance with current legislative norms:

  • Analysis of plant extracts by mass spectrometry
  • Degradation products and quality control of pharmaceutical and cosmetic inputs


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