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10 years of research. Thousands of tests conducted.

After 10 years of research, S Cosméticos do Bem brings you the multifunctional rejuvenating facial Serum BIOTECH S®, with unique high-performance properties for intensive care and better skin longevity.

Its main active ingredient (CAM Biotech® PhytoComplex) is 100% natural, obtained from Artemisia annua extracts.

The bioactives of this plant-based material were extracted using a sustainable technology developed and patented by S Cosméticos do Bem in partnership with the best universities in Brazil.

These joint research efforts have resulted in an advanced and high quality product, soft to the touch when applied, sustainable, with proven efficacy and safety.

The serum helps accelerate cellular regeneration. As a result, all visible signs of aging are significantly reduced after 28 days of application.

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Learn about the technology

What are the components of the Rejuvenating Serum?

The Rejuvenating Biotech Serum from S Cosméticos do Bem is the result of 10 years of research and development of new technologies, in collaboration with some of the most important universities in Brazil and around the world, such as Unicamp. All to ensure the best product for your health and beauty – and also for the environment, as the entire production chain is designed sustainably.

Want to delve deeper into the ingredients that make up the serum and their functions? Let’s go!

  • Fitocomplex CAM Biotech®
    is a set of natural bioactives obtained from extracts of the plant Artemisia annua through a new, sustainable technology patented by S Cosméticos do Bem. The phyto-complex acts on the dermis, the intermediate layer of the skin, significantly increasing the synthesis of fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen and elastin), improving support and filling expression lines, and significantly impacting the appearance of the skin, leaving it more even and youthful. This set of active ingredients has proven efficient for balancing cutaneous microbiota, while also preventing various skin changes, such as acne and psoriasis. The serum's "retinol-like" effect is due to the presence of an active diterpene known as Fitol, which induces healthy micro-exfoliation, favoring rejuvenating results on the skin.
  • RonaFlair® Flawless
    is a multifunctional pigment obtained through advanced technologies, imported from Germany. Its functions are: filling wrinkles, smoothing the skin, and reducing shine (matte effect).
  • Antioxidant Complex
    Composed of Nano resveratrol, Nano Q-10, Nano vitamin C, Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), Vitamin E, pomegranate and grape extracts, and NMF (natural moisturizing factor). They act synergistically to prevent premature aging. These are essential nutrients for the production of enzymes and proteins important for maintaining healthy and balanced skin.
  • Preservative
    the preservatives used are mild and sustainable.

How to use the Rejuvenating Serum?

APPLICATION: Apply an amount equivalent to one drop to each region of the face – forehead, cheeks, eye area, chin (spread from the inner part of the face to the outer part, upwards) and neck (from bottom to top). If you want to apply it to the neck, spread two drops from the neck down.

USAGE TIME: Use the product for 28 days, daily, once or twice a day.

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Accelerates skin regeneration: the main benefit of Biotech S® rejuvenating serum is that it accelerates cellular regeneration, preventing and attenuating expression lines and aging marks.

Attenuates visible signs of aging and smoothes expression lines: due to the high power of cellular regeneration, Biotech S® rejuvenating serum helps smooth expression lines and visible signs of skin aging.

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Softens scars: over the years, day-to-day microinjuries leave marks on your skin. More prominent scars can also be a part of your life, and they can be quite bothersome. Biotech S® not only rejuvenates the skin but also has properties that help soften scars.

Controls cutaneous microbiota: the skin has hundreds of live microorganisms, living in a well-defined structure. This ecosystem needs to be balanced to maintain the health and beauty of the skin — Biotech S® rejuvenating serum contributes to this control.

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Induces intensive hydration: there are many moisturizing agents that can benefit the skin, but Biotech S® rejuvenating serum goes beyond: it promotes deep hydration that occurs from the inside out, giving the skin a luminous and smooth appearance.

Controls acne: Biotech S® controls skin oiliness without aggression, preventing the appearance of the dreaded acne, and also attenuates marks left by pimples.


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