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S Cosmeticos do Bem is a technology-based company that has innovation in its essence. Our team has been developing advanced research in natural cosmetics and environmental-friendly pharmaceuticals for over ten years. We develop unique, true and innovative cosmetic products – especially dermophytocosmetics – based on scalable, sustainable technologies, always having social and environmental responsibility and commitment to the public health in mind (you can learn more about these products here).

Besides our internal R&D innovations, S Cosmeticos has been for nine years active in selecting products from Brazilian companies that have truly unique differentials in natural and organic ingredients, distributing them to stores, beauty clinics and spas (purchase these products here).

The research and development projects at S Cosmeticos do Bem are carried out with the support of FAPESP, FINEP, SENAI INSTITUTE OF INOVATION, UNICAMP, INOVA. S Cosmeticos do Bem is a company born at UNICAMP and is graduated by the Technological Base Incubator – INCAMP/UNICAMP. .

Our Team

Dra. Soraya El Khatib
Pharmacist, PhD in Functional and Molecular Biology at UNICAMP

Selma Lúcia Turra
Economist and Business Administrator – PUCCAMP

Tadeu Brettas
Marketing Specialist – ESPM
Master in Business Administration – Unimep

Regina Comar

Sérgio Lembi
Aeronautical Engineer – UFMG

Artemisia annua

Do you know that an Asian plant, used for centuries in traditional medicine, is a Nobel Prize in Medicine award winner and is being used with enormous success in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics?

Artemisia annua is a green leafy plant with a brownish, erect and ribbed stem that reaches 12 to 40 inches in height. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, Artemisia is aromatic, perennial and shrubby.

Originally from China, Artemisia annua thrives in regions where average temperatures and rainfall are high. To cultivate this plant in conditions different from ideal, it is necessary to implement adaptation projects – recently, Brazil has developed a technological strategy that includes research on climate adaptation, production and pharmacological activities of the plant.

Artemisia annua has volatile components, essential oils, and non-volatile ones, the most relevant being Artemisinin. The use of Artemisia annua and its components is a very significant contribution of traditional Chinese medicine to the world – we highlight here the use of Artemisinin in the treatment of malaria. The compound is potent and effective even for the treatment of cerebral and falciparum malaria, variations that are resistant to multiple drugs. Considered the main active component of the plant, Artemisinin won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015.

Artemisia annua

The S Laboratory

In addition to carrying out quality control of plant extracts obtained by new sustainable and innovative technologies, S Cosmeticos do Bem offers R&D consultancy and solutions for analytical demands, through partnerships with pharmaceutical and research laboratories.

Research and Development

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The innovative technology developed and patented by S Cosmeticos do Bem is based on the supercritical extraction of enriched fractions from Artemisia annua. Natural extracts are obtained from sustainable techniques using all the vegetable raw material. In association with Embrapii-Senai, the residual biomass from the extraction processes is used to manufacture other products, such as sustainable straws and biofilm, adding value to the production chain and generating a strong positive social impact. Another important factor that contributes to the sustainability of the extraction process is the non-use of toxic organic solvents, a novelty in Brazilian industry.

Supercritical extraction makes it possible to obtain maximum benefits from the entire plant and not just from some chemical components, as is the usual output of other, more traditional techniques. Supercritical extracts are between 100 and 250 times more concentrated, as well as being purer than traditional herbal extracts used in the cosmetics and beauty industry today.

The differential of S Cosmeticos’ technology consists in the sequential extraction of components, stemming from an unprecedented association of conditions and specific steps, all of which result in an advantageous effect not found before. The enriched fractions of actives with different chemical compositions obtained from the supercritical extraction of Artemisia annua have applications mainly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, for the development of new products with repellent, healing and anti-malarial activities, with less toxicity.


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The S Cosmeticos do Bem laboratory, located in the city of Valinhos, has been performing its analytical activities since October 2018 in partnership with the Labmass Laboratory. At the site, which has high-performance equipment, quality control of plant extracts obtained by innovative technologies is carried out for the development of innovative products in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical area. The Analytical area meets the demands of analysis in partnership with pharmaceutical and research laboratories and has a team of highly qualified researchers.

Learn about the services provided, all within the current legislation:
Analysis by mass spectrometry of plant extracts

Degradation products and quality control of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients

Patented products

Developed from an innovative and sustainable technology, S Cosméticos do Bem’s copyright products have truly natural ingredients and proven efficacy.

Repellent sprays – Repelente S ® and Repelente S Nano ® – by S Cosmeticos do Bem have exclusive formulas based on volatile oils from Artemisia annua, ensuring a strong, natural protection against mosquitoes – including Aedes aegypti, a mosquito that can transmit Dengue, Chikungunya fever, Zika virus and Yellow Fever.

The serums – Serum S Rejuvenescedor ®, Sérum S Healing ® and Sérum S Anti-acne ® – have formulas that are rich in multifunctional ingredients compatible with the skin, in addition to actives derived from Artemisia annua. Applying these products to the skin results in a unique experience and in amazing results!

Made from sustainable techniques that use all the vegetable raw material without employing toxic organic solvents, with certified natural ingredients and the guarantee of absence of allergenics, mutagenics, transgenics and animal origin ingredients, S Cosmeticos´ high performance dermophytocosmetics are truly natural, soft, sustainable, effective and biocompatible.

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Multibrand products

We partner with many companies that share our goal of bringing you sustainable and diverse products.

The products distributed by S Cosméticos do Bem are carefully selected by health professionals to ensure efficacy, safety and well-being for both the professional who applies or handles it and for the client.

We have a very close relationship with our customers in order to properly and technically guide the use of products: we carry out constant research to keep them always up to date and safe. The selected products are submitted to innovative tests to guarantee purity and quality; moreover, many are created with the latest high-technologies, such as nanotechnology.

Vitis Care: facial sunscreen free of benzophenones, parabens, petroleum derivatives and artificial colors

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“We believe that a therapy or treatment will achieve its full objective, which is to bring health and well-being to the client, if the professional involved is ethically committed to knowledge and to the universe. In this sense, we propose therapies for well-being based on the use of healthy cosmetics selected by our team of professionals, with physiological formulations (dermatologically tested) that contain components compatible with the skin and hair, in addition to minimizing the environmental impact”.

Soraya El Khatib CEO/Founder

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